03 May 2010

Bowl Gallery

All the bowls from this post were sold but I am leaving this set showing for a while just because I am proud of them.
6 And finally, this is perhaps the most special piece I have offered for sale on the web. This set of bowls was turned from a single piece of wonderful spalted beech. I turned it on 15th Dec 2009 51 years to the day after George Lailey "the last bowlturner" died. You can see how it was made in this video of me making the first of my George Lailey commemorative sets, I decided not to sell the first set, it means too much to me.

The diameters of these bowls are 15", 11",  8", and  5", whilst a stunning and unique collectors piece I do hope they go to someone who will use them too. They will improve with age and use.
This very special set is £575 SOLD


  1. How much does no. 5 (the maple drinking bowl) hold?

  2. I love the video, I turned my first "bowl" on a pole lathe this weekend and now have an even better understanding of the huge level of skill that you have.

    Leave this page here despite the items being sold because the sets are beautiful.


  3. These "bowl" are designed well, should be share as Eid gifts to Pakistan their use is common on eid.

  4. Hi Robin,
    tried to send an email but your inbox was blocked (overflowing). The beech porringer I bought is great - I am enjoying it every morning, with a birch spoon as well! My wife finds it all too 'new age' but I think it is old-fashioned in the best sense of the word.

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